Wednesday, February 23, 2005

JWords Alpha Release

I am pleased to announce that the first alpha testing version of the JWords Java Interface for WordNet has been released under the BSD License.

JWords is a simple and easy to use Java interface for the WordNet 2.0 command line tool. It provides classes and methods to create and use JWord objects containing the information stored in the WordNet lexical reference system.

I created JWords because I wasn't happy with any of the other Java APIs available for WordNet. I plan on using WordNet as the primary lexicon for autosummary software I am creating, and I needed to create a custom-tailored interface to suit my needs. By treating words as objects, and using the WordNet command line tool to handle the burden of reading the database files, JWords offers a simple and versatile way to access a wealth of lexical information.

JWords is available for download at

Javadoc documentation for JWords is available here.