Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I guess this makes me a pro?

Finally got a chance to write (well, edit actually) some code at work today. Besides some freelance web design I did a while back, this was the first time I was paid for programming.

In all reality, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Last week, I was asked to take a look at some PHP for a web interface to a pretty high-profile database we use. There was a bug somewhere that was generating incorrect entries. Today I got a chance to poke around in there, and I quickly isolated the problem and wrote a very elegant fix if I do say so myself.

I showed it to the database administrator, and she was visibly excited when she realized it was working properly. Now she won't have to go in and manually edit every single new entry.

I showed it to my supervisor, and he was pretty impressed. He doesn't have much experience in this area, but he had had another CS grad working on the problem for at least a couple of weeks, to no avail. When I showed him exactly how simple my solution was, he remarked that the other guy will be kicking himself when he sees it.

I honestly didn't think it was that I did anything special, but I certainly impressed a few people. What I did fixed an annoying problem in a pretty important system we use. Hopefully, this will lead to more oppurtunities for me to work directly on projects like this in the future.

And besides, it's pretty sweet to think that code I helped to write is running on a military system. :)

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