Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Against (Artificial) Intelligence?

Kuro5hin has an interesting (if amateurish) op-ed piece critical of the entire premise of AI.

Among the main points are that AI has yet to produce anything useful (and is therefore worthless), that machine consciousness is impossible, and that we should completely discard the philosophy of mind. I, however, would I argue that hashing out the philosophical issues is essential to solving the problem of AI. Indeed, the creation of a truly conscious machine will require collaboration between brilliant individuals from several disciplines, among these being neuroscience and philosophy, in addition to computer science.

Although I disagree with the author's premise, believe his view of AI is very limited, and find his logic fundamentally flawed (tons of circular reasoning), the article is worth a look, and has stimulated a lively discussion. I particularly appreciate the comment that says if the author's logic was applied to the early days of aviation, he would have to slam "the Wright brothers because they didn't achieve supersonic flight."

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